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11-15-2004, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy
At least Larry Brooks wrotes a column every week about the NHL.If it was not for Larry,nobody would give a **** in the same city where the NHL headquarters are based in and in the same city where Gary Bettman lives and works in.

Bill Daly is traveling across North America conducting townhall meetings about the lockout.Daly should consider conducting an event in his own background but he won't because the NHL are a bunch of cowards and their pathetic attempt to blame the NHLPA for everything wrong with the game will not fly.
That's because no one in the New York City sports market talks about or cares about hockey to bother. Baseball hot stove is underway here. Simply more important sports for fans to be involved with.

Brooks does his dance each Sunday for his paycheck, but he seems to have an agenda to make sure he comes out of this with the Rangers maintaining an advantage in free agency.(regardless of how they lose revenue and drag the sport down) Without rumors of star players in Rangers uniforms he is going to have to work much harder.....No doubt he wants a luxury tax or a free market system, he's competing with big name talent in other sports and even now the Rangers, Islanders and Devils might as well be playing in Nashville for all the attention they receive.

Even markets like Pittsburgh and Florida have more coverage on hockey than NYC.

Fans in New York did not notice all those star players in Ranger uniforms when the payroll was 90 million. What's going to happen when they have to ice a team with a 31 million dollar payroll filed with European players in a market with Derek Jeter?

It was tough before a lockout, it's going to get much worse for all three teams here.

Brooks knows what's coming which is why every week since the summer he has been destroying the league every chance he gets as if he's employed by the NHLPA.....

It's been a sad show, even by his standards.

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