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11-15-2004, 05:58 PM
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I've never played anywhere higher than just a house league, but anywho, last winter my team was in a semifinal game, and we had a decent season, mainly because we had such a great goalie who kept us in every game, but he wasn't at the semifinal game so we just stuck the coach's son in net and hoped we wouldn't get blown out. It turned out that about halfway into the game we realized we had a chance to win the game because the coach's son was on fire in net, and we kept the game close. We were down by two goals with about 6 minutes left, and we were able to score one goal to make it a one goal-game. Then we had a faceoff in the other team's end with about 15 seconds left in regulation, so we pulled the goalie and called a timeout. The same guy scored again to tie the game and send it into overtime, where the other team completely dominated, but our goalie was standing on his head, and we managed to force the game into a shootout.

Other than myself, we had two guys who were pretty good at breakaways. This was perfect because for some stupid reason this league only has 3-person shootouts instead of 5. So their team went first, our goalie made the save, our guy went and scored a goal. Their guy went next and our goalie made another save. Then I was next to shoot for my team, and since the other team only had one shooter left and we were winning by a goal, I knew that if I scored, we'd go to the finals. I skated up there, faked a wrist shot, deked to the other side and as the goalie dove over there, I slid the puck under him to win the game.

A few days later was the championship game. We were facing a team that was undefeated and won every game by about 5 goals. One player on their team scored an average of 3 or 4 goals per game, and he was hated throughout the league for his whiny attitude and cheap shots he was known to dish out. Anyway, our gameplan was to just make sure we finished the first and second periods with no more than a 2 goal deficit. The game was scoreless after two periods. They scored early in the 3rd, and then a few minutes later, scored another one. Right after the faceoff following their second goal, we scored one, to make it 2-1. The score remained the same for almost the rest of the period, but once again with less than 5 minutes remaining, the same guy who tied the semifinal game scored a goal to tie this game on a breakaway. We hoped we could just play solid D and force the game into overtime again, but with about a minute and a half left in the game, the same guy on our team had another breakaway and scored again, so we were able to beat the seemingly-unstoppable team and won the championship. The other team's superstar went insane. He was standing in the middle of the neutral zone waiting for a headman pass, and after we took the lead, he started screaming at his team for not playing defense. :lol He then proceeded to throw his stick and gloves, which earned him a game misconduct penalty.

Cool thing about this was that it was about a week after Miracle came out in theaters.

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