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11-15-2004, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Evil Sather

Thirdly, as much as you guys are slamming him, I haven't seen a shred of anything that contradicts what he says, or shows it to be completely slanted. All that comes out is "Brooks is a moron lolololol" which is significantly less convincing than his argument -- and Brooks feels passionately about the cause, something that comes through in his writing. I like reading a piece with emotion behind it, and not something that looks like it came off the AP Wire..
The passion is fine, only problem is every time he writes his infamous four words..
" THE POST HAS LEARNED " no one in North America confirms his rumors, in fact many publications associated with those teams make it a point to lable Brooks rumors or emotion as baseless......

Hard to take anything he writes as serious..

Brooks got very lazy too. His Sunday work used to include updates on the Islanders and Devils, he will not put in the time or is not given the space anymore..

Look at the some of the out of town papers that print hockey rumors and speculation, it's better quality and respectful of die-hard fans......Michael Russo, Kevin Dupont, The Pitt Post Gazette, far superior hockey coverage.

Brooks is also someone who lobbied (as NHLPA President) to keep amateur writers out of the finals a few years ago. Brooks did not even make a case to his readers from his column for all those exclusives......Red Fisher broke the story of Brooks trying to bar writers and he even filed an appeal after he lost..

Brooks never wrote a word. And he is no longer NHLPA president.

NYC maybe the worst hockey media market in the US for keeping fans informed.

The Times does a.p only, Newsday has Alan Hahn sharing Islander and Ranger news, The Daily News has barely written anything....Sherry Ross even before a lockout wrote once a month.....No journalists will touch hockey at Msg unless they want to take a shot a Dolan for the Knicks.......

Originally Posted by Evil Sather
Brooks may opine that the Rangers are after this person or that person, but how many times does he claim they would LOVE to play for the Rangers? Uh huh.
I don't know, between the playing for the pride of the sweater rants vs go sign Jerome Ignila for seventeen million, Brooks cannot make up his mind whether he is coming or going, but he keeps folks desperate to read anything to pay attention and they do.

I would suggest reading the articles but take Brooks with a big grain of salt.....For someone around over 20 years, who covered the Islander dynasty and worked for the Devils, his work has been very weak now for a long time.

Hockey fans deserve better, IMHO..

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