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11-15-2004, 06:52 PM
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One of my least favorite moments is when I was a peewee. I drove down to Burbank to play an away game, and we are all cramped in this lockerroom that had hardly any room. My Dad was an assistant coach, and he was in the bathroom filling up the water bottles. There was one player on our team who is/was stupid, and didn't have any common knowledge. So he locks the door to the bathroom. (I dont know if he knew or did not know that my Dad was in there.) And I didn't see my Dad go in the bathroom either. (Thats the honest to God truth.)

Well, as we were leaving to go on our pre-game run, we heard a guy who was really pissed off in the bathroom (gee I wonder who that could be.) and me and my friend didn't want to open the door, and get our ***** whooped from this mad-man in the locker room.. So we just left the locker room for our run.

10 Minutes later we come back, and "that mad-man in the bathroom" is still banging the door angrily. Our regular coach told us to open the door, and surprise surprise its my Dad pissed off. So he leans over, and tells me what he feels.. (and If I wrote what he said there would just be stars all over the place.)

I still played that game (fortunately) and we won, but I played like $)-(it. That was for sure one of the worst moments ever.

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