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09-20-2009, 09:51 PM
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if you decide to test it, I would suggest you tape it and tape it tight and correctly. google it you should be able to find instruction on it.

using athletic tape, make a wrap around your lower leg just above the ankle. then a wrap around the front of your foot as close to your toes as possible. these are your "anchor straps" keeping your foot in a neutral position wrap from 1 side of the upper anchor underneath your foot to the other side of the anchor. now take a wrap from the anchor near your toes around the back of your lower leg (near achilles) and wrap back to the toe anchor. now gow back to the top and make another wrap with only slight overlapping. now alternate from a top wrap to a lower wrap creating a basket weave effect. once you have 4-5 wraps in either direction, start a new wrap and wrap the whole of your lower leg to the end of your foot stopping at the toe anchor. this is just to support the straps and wraps. I am pretty sure if you do this correctly with a tight (but not too tight) wrap job you will be able to skate. this tape job should resemble a cast. this is similar to what is done for football players to help prevent ankle injuries. hope this helps.

here are a couple of different methods.

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