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Originally Posted by densetsu View Post
Personally, I would get a new helmet. They're not that expensive, especially considering the body part they're protecting. You could always try selling your black one on craigslist, or just keeping it as a backup.

That said, the steps I would take are:

1. Get a heat gun. On the low setting, warm up the certification stickers and remove them. Don't get too close and don't get them too hot, or else you'll stretch and/or burn them.

2. Take some 300-grit wet/dry sandpaper and wet-sand the surface of the helmet.

3. Spray the helmet with a few light coats of adhesion promoter (basically, primer for plastic). Let it dry about 15 minutes between coats, or whatever the spray can says.

4. Spray the helmet with several light coats of auto spray paint. Again, light coats, 15 minutes drying time between coats.

5. Spray the helmet with a couple light coats of auto clearcoat. Light coats, 15 minutes drying time, etc.

6. After everything has cured (at least a day, recommend a week), warm up the certification stickers with the heat gun, then re-apply them.

In the end you'll probably end up spending so much on supplies to do the job that it's not even worth it. Especially since spraybomb paint jobs aren't that durable and the solvents in the paint may weaken the plastics. Unless you want to do a custom paint job, but that's more suited to fiberglass goalie masks than player helmets.
7. Throw the helmet away, since it will no longer be a certified helmet.

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