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09-21-2009, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by facey View Post
i don't think he is suggesting putting kaberle up front. If he is he should lose his job.
I don't know if you read further down or not in the full article:

After more than a decade as the smartest puck-moving defenseman on the Leafs, Kaberle might be the perfect compliment at centre-ice for a potent, energetic winger with a deft scoring touch. Though converting the Czech-born veteran from defense to forward at this stage of his career may initially seem absurd, any Leafs fan remotely aware of the club’s history knows there’s a marvelous precedent for such a move. It occurred almost 50 years ago, and it seemed every bit as unusual at the time. But, it went a long way toward helping the Leafs win four Stanley Cup titles in the 1960s.
I have seen alot of sports writers (including Berger) write some terrible stuff, but this certainly ranks near the top. Taking a precedent from 50 years ago? Perhaps we can attribute some of Vesa's troubles this season to playing with a mask that interferred with his vision. Johnny Bower seemed to win a few cups without a mask. Or perhaps he should employ the 2 glove, stick switching technique? Someone should ask Burke what he thinks of this in a press conference. Has Tomas ever taken a faceoff? Maybe I'm going a bit too far, but man, this is garbage. Oh well, I guess we can have some fun with it.

Toskala - Kaberle - Kessel
Komisarek - Poni - Orr
Kulemin - Finger - Berger
Exelby - Mitchell - Beauch

Schenn - Blake
Stajan - Hagman
White - Reimer


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