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09-21-2009, 11:15 AM
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Stretch/injury question

So, last night I was stretching out my thighs, and I felt a pop while doing the old pull ankle up to butt thigh stretch. Never have really felt anything like that, was sort of a pop/snap up in the hip flexor/upper thigh area. Now, I played a hockey game last night, felt alright, maybe a little twinge this morning, so there really isn't a whole lot of pain or anything like that. However, "pops/snaps" aren't generally good, are they? Does the lack of pain, etc., mean that nothing really bad happened? Was freaked out when it happened, but seems minor today....I should add that the pop wasn't in the bone/joint, but in the muscle/tendon area, where the thigh starts to join up with the pelvis up top. Hopefully nothing, seems ok so far....

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