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09-21-2009, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Matt13 View Post
I hate getting into fights, but it was me.

I was walking back from the concession stand. I had a couple beers and hot dogs in my hand for myself and a buddy who was in the head. This guy in a Ducks jersey was texting and not paying attention where he was walking. I tried to avoid him but he walked right into me. I lost one of the beers (man down, man down). I told the guy the least he could do is replace the beer. He told me to "F___ off". I took the hot dog I had and shoved it in his face. He had mustard and ketchup all over himself and his white Ducks jersey. He then took a swing at me. I "ducked" it and came up with an upper cut that sent him back a couple of feet. He then bum rushed me with a tackle and it went to the floor. I was taking guard on him and about go for the ground and pound when the redcoats arrived. They pulled me off of him, and well that was the rest of my night at Staples.........

So no permaban for you?

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