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Daly on Prime Time Sports

-Daly stated in interview November 12, 2008 states there is no veto- continues to believe that- states that Leaf letter is from 2006

- (Melnyk territorial clip played) Daly response is first - Melnyk doesn't know the rules or by-laws on relocation, veto apply to teams coming into area- talk about Mississauga arena and Melnyk playing in Mississauga- Sens would need consent - Daly keeps going on about Melnyk hesitating in his answer- Brunt says don't you think he would know?

-Daly can't answer for Melnyk- he states that you heard him hesitate, he states Melnyk indicated he's not following procedures, Brunt asks don't you think someones who's going to be on the line financially would be following? Daly says can't answer for Melnyk.

-Brunt asks if Leafs have changed mind since 2006, Daly doesn't know what the Leafs stance is-what about other teams stance-Daly tells him to go ask the other 28 teams

- Says mediation only matter in court Wednesday

- Daly says Gretzky not told by leaugue to stay away, Coyotes have made that decision

- hockey decisions in Phoenix (re Hiring of King)- management makes decisions, Moss, Neely, Maloney- they must recommend to both NHL and Moyes, if parties don't agree it goes to court, doesn't think hiring of King because Gretzky not there, Maloney made decision

- Gretzky future - NHL has not accepted his contract, issue as to where Gretzky's contract resides, personal services, NHL not having conversation with Gretzky about future

- talk about Paul Kelly dismissal, he hopes not to have concerns with NHLPA in the future, will depend who they get to lead them

-talk about Dean Warren lawsuit against NHL ( referee who was fired)

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