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11-16-2004, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Blindside9711
Stupid thing about it is that we traded away Phelps (who was supposed to be Delgado's replacement) at the deadline, and Hinske (who was supposed to have a good bat) has been average at best apart from his rookie year... So aside from Delgado and sometimes Wells, there's not a whole lot of power in the lineup anymore. Our pitchers don't scare anyone (even Doc was mediocre this season) and our infield is sketchy once you get past O-Dawg. The Jays need alot of help at every position, and 17-22 mil' ain't enough to get the quality AND quantity of talent necessary to beat out the Yanks/Red Sox.
We need help almost everywhere. It's time that they just totally broke the team down and start over. Time to build around Wells. Hate to see Delrago go but if he wants more than 9 million it would be had to justify. We seem to have to many one year wonders as Jays. Hinske is turning into one. Almost makes me miss Kelly Gruber.

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