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11-16-2004, 02:20 PM
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In the highschool playoffs my freshman year, we played a team, Bethal Park, whose team that year was considered by many to be the best of all time in highschool hockey in Pittsburgh (they only gave up like 17 goals in 24 games).

Anyway, as you can imagine, we were big underdogs, coming in as the 8 seed, and while we had the talent to play with them (We actually had 3 future Jr.A players who were juniors in hs at the time, and two AAA players, me, a freshman, and a sophomore on the team) we lacked the continuity and teamwork that made good teams great. However, we managed to come together when we needed to, first scoring early to stun both them and their fans. If anyone here is from the Pittsburgh area, Mark Madden, the radio host was at the game, and is pretty good friends with my dad, and said, "Gateway better not give up any goals...because they sure as hell arent scoring anymore." The funny thing is, we played extremely well with the lead, and while we were outshot, our goalie played remarkably well, and literally seemed to see everything.

So, the second period came to a close, and it was still 1-0 us. Thoughts already began entering our minds while sitting in the lockerroom during intermission, " really think we can do this???"

Unfortunately, we were unable to pull off the upset. One of our better defensemen, a junior, was academically inelidgible, and occasionally, we would get caught on d, with no one to go out, which proved to be the case that night. One player had a penalty, the other was hurt, and me and our main defenseman had just come off of a 2 minute shift. With no one else to send out, our defenseman coach sent out a little used senior onto the ice, which he still regrets doing today (I begged him to let me go out even though I was tired as hell). Within moments of the faceoff, the crappy d man we had on was laying on the ice, and Bethal scored, and basically steam rolled from there on, popping in two more before the end of the game (one was an EN goal).

Although we lost, it was seriously the best game I had ever played in my entire life. I dont think I made one mistake defensively, as I was able to help in shutting down one of the most potent offenses in highschool that year. Not much of an experience as far as winning goes, but I'll always remember the time we almost pulled off the upset.

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