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09-23-2009, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by BigKing View Post
A few things:

1) It's insightful journalism since he has given insight into what Lombardi is doing and what it will deliver. Of course, this is straight from Lombardi's mouth. Truly insightful reporting would be to have a sit-down at length with Visnovsky, Cammalleri, O'Sullivan etc... I've never said Rich is a hack and I'm not saying that now, it's just that the "insights" are from one side of the story only.

2) It's really easy to praise another franchise that doesn't throw out huge contracts and is an easy 2-points for your favorite team. Look at what Burke is doing in rebuild. Why? Because he doesn't get the opportunity to suck hard for 3-5 seasons like Lombardi has. It gets applauded because a rebuild of this style doesn't happen very often. I'm pretty sure that if the fans were in the dark regarding managements plan and they were as bad as they have been, most would be screaming for his head. Where has "the plan" been spoken about the most and re-inforced constantly by it's writer: Hammond's blog. Without it, the following does not get repeated ad naseum:

Butt Tattoo's
"DL Type"
Compete Level
Never had good prospect pool
Our guys have to get better before we get anyone else etc...

I know you love the Lombardi and that's fine. The basis for much of the Lombardi love comes from the information gathered from the blog.

3) Again, never called him a hack. Of course it's noticed how much work he puts into the Kings: they contact him sometimes to give interviews! Obviously they know the work he has done and he's been rewarded for it. Call me cynical if Rich knew this position was a possibility at what point. Good for him too since newspapers are on life support.

This isn't a Lombardi is right/wrong conversation. If you honestly look at the blog as some unbiased and non-softball lobbing bastion of journalism then you are letting your pro-Lombardi bias come through. I earned my college degree in journalism with an emphasis on public relations. The blog has been a PR tool for the Kings no doubt and, since this is a blog and not an official part of the newspaper, the level of journalism isn't up to standards in my opinion. They aren't even articles really but just transcribed interviews...real journalism would involve crafting a story around said qoutes. Again, he isn't a hack as he can and does write real journalism but the blog is just a blog my man.
Fair enough, but it is far more than Helene Elliot ever did. She could have had just as much access as Hammond, but she didn't choose to cultivate the relationship or to put in the work required to establish one with Lombardi.

Overall, good for Rich, good for the Kings.

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