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11-16-2004, 11:52 PM
in the hall
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maloney forgot to mention immonen again tonight!

he interupted JD when he was trying to close that mentioning Immonen but otherwise he was not mentioned once and don't look too much into that because when someone asked about Dom Moore and his lack of mentioning, Tom and Don said there are a lot of players that haven't and won't be mentioned but deserve it, doesn't mean anything

basically said what was said in the post tonight

asked about Sidny Crosby, they all went off saying how great he was, joking about who will get fired if it comes to Crosby or them (Renny being bad enough to be in that position, Maloney not being able to trade for the top pick)

JD said a couple great stories, Crosby in his contract has it so he gets 25-50 tickets a game which he donates to charities for kids who can't afford to go and see him play.. this is at every game not just home games

not long ago, his father after a game interupts Crosby signing autographs to tell him his grandfather passed away, Crosby while teared up, politely excused himself from his father and returned to signing autographs asking only that pictures not to be taken

you should've seen Maloney's face when Renny emphasized that Poti is an all offense defenseman, was funny because we all laughed and knew what was meant by that - this I think was said in pun after Renny said something like "oh yes we'll have a defenseman in front of the net at all times, someone who knows what to do there"

expect one more proposal from the league about the lockout before Xmas, that should be in by thanksgiving, agents will meet this weekend to w/ the nhlpa to get informed on the situation and also hopefully push for something to happen

can't really say anything else without repeating what was posted above, if there is another one I encourage anyone to join, really is a great event

no charge, free food/drinks, very intimate, great access

it's clear who they are really high on
imo it consists of these players

have hope for

like a lot but further away so not much talk on

give them credit but not especially high on
Dom Moore
Garth Murray
Chad Wiseman
Greg Moore

not mentioned or talked about enough so who knows
Jarkko Immonen
Josef Balej

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