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11-17-2004, 09:15 AM
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Ludqvist has a mountain of talent, that is for sure, but there remains the possibility that it won't translate to the NHL. If he can translate his game to the NHL, then there's no-one on that list who's name isn't Kari whom I'd take over him.
i'd be much more inclined to agree with this in general except lundqvist has proven he can stop NHL stars. top scorers and me the ability to do that is more of a concern than ice size and all of that. if he was just playing the usual SEL players and doing well, hey that's great but i'd be worried about how he'd do facing NHL shooters. but, like i said, he's faced NHL shooters too and excelled. soooo, i think that's a big test that he's passed.

i'm sure lots of reasons can be come up with to justify not including lundqvist, some of them pretty good, but i still think it really comes down to him being a late round pick and having no hype whatsoever.

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