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11-17-2004, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by nyr7andcounting
I hate this man
I second that. Quick, get the spin machines ready. We must make it look like Forbes is an uniformed oaf. Quick, get the spin machines ready. We must look good and quickly try to cover up the Atlanta's owners comments that will be used as evidence of not bargaining in good faith and prevent the impasse.
Bettman is also quilty of talking out of both sided of his mouth. He says that if the league had a system like either the NFL or NBA in place, then the NHL would not be in this shape. But then he also says that a luxury tax system is too unpredictable. Well, if that is the case, then how can you even mention the NBA as an example of something that "works"? The NBA has a soft cap. For all intensive puposes, that is the same thing as a luxury tax. Can't have it both ways Gary. Can't say that the NBA system works, but then say that a luxury system is too unpredictable and does not work.
Also can't point to the NFL. Last I checked, the NFL has a revenue sharing system in place. Something that the owners do not want. Yes, the NFL has a hard cap. But sorry, Gary, in the NFL ALL teams contribute to a revenue sharing system, not just the top 10.
Bettman is as detrimental to the NHL as Sather has been to the Rangers. Bettman could very well be the "Man who killed hockey".

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