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11-17-2004, 02:43 PM
Jeff from Maine
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We Do Much The Same

Every Friday morning, our school sends out 2-4 boxes of letters to different soldiers. Some of them are folks we know personally...others we dont have any idea who they are, but most appreciate hearing from somebody.

The stories you hear day after day are heartwrenching, as well as maddening. My sister in law has a nephew in Iraq right now and he has been wounded twice now...once, in the thigh, during a confrontation. And in the other, schrapnel ripped his left arm and leg all to heck while they were being transported in a poorly conditioned vehicle.

He was one of the first to go over, once we decided once and for all that we were going in. He has been home once, this past summer, for 7 days. He`s very ixcited because in 9 or so months he is going on R&R to Kuwait. The outfit he is with isnt being allowed to come back stateside for a long time.

This may be the wrong place to voice this stuff...but I just wanted to vent about it. Like Kirk said, bad things happen to good people in time of war. Its a shame that these guys dont have the proper equipment. They are asked to go into buidings at night without the proper night vision equipment and all this stuff. Danny was telling his aunt that his buddies are recieving care packages with night visison goggles that their PARENTS are sending them, because thy are not being outfitted properly by the military itself.

I thought that was nuts, but I recently heard the same thing on a 60 Minutes interview with the Oregon National Guard commander. He said he knows for a fact that parents and friends of troops under his command have sent night vision goggles, flak vests and....get this....BULLETS!

I am just so frustrated that families can loose children because of being ill-prepared.

That is not right. In no way should that ever be a possibility!


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