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09-24-2009, 11:32 PM
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Do you understand logic?

How are you rewarding the player for making his team defend with a man less? Tell me.

You do realize that said player has absolutely nothing to do with your fantasy team right....that the players are uninvolved right?

It's like playing Deux Ex. Sure you could win by playing it like a regular shooter and just blowing everything up. But you could also play it as a stealth game and sneak by everyone and only have to kill one or two people the entire game. Or you could do something in between.

Giving people multiple options to win creates a strategic aspect to the game.

From a certain point of view PPG, PPA, GAA and various other categories are useless as well. It just depends on your view of the game. I mean why have goalies compete for GAA? The stat means nothing...what's important is the goalie's SV%. Or in the converse...who cares about the goalie's sv% if he lets in 3 goals a game. Or...who cares about goalies wins and losses....that doesn't truly reflect how good the goalie is. He might just have a ****** team. So why should Brodeur get more points than Mason because the Devils win more even though their stats are the same? He shouldn't...let's not give points for wins. Let's not give points for PPG or PPA because they're not as difficult to obtain as real goals and assists etc. You expect the team to score in those situations.

Almost every category in fantasy hockey can be written off in some way. You don't like fighting. Mike doesn't like GAA. Ted doesn't like SV%. Tim doesn't like Wins etc.

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