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09-25-2009, 01:04 AM
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From what I saw, the people who impressed me were:
Pyatt (real great potential)
Maxwell (good at both ends, consistent)
Spacek (he can really handle the puck well)
Obyrne (I've been the biggest hater, I hope this is him for good)
Gill (wrt what he's able to do with his reach and strength)
Gomez (on the pk, on the rush, you name it, he's living up to expectations)
Lats was pretty good with his two moves (go around the net and try wraparound shot wait...that's it) and his hitting, but I wish he'd kick it up one more notch and be creative
Pleks (i dunno where people get that he was bad. he was actually taking the body, going RIGHT to the front of the net, whacking away, taking shots, using speed)
Weber (good placement and passing between him and the other D, specially on the PP + using his smart positioning to make up for size)
Metro (hugely underrated, as usual...he's gonna be so key this year)
Sergei (much better effort, but that should be his minimum, given the attention he has garnered)

Akost...reminding me a lot of Kovy. Potential to be verrrrry frustrating and then the next second, bam, crazy talent (not seen tonight much). Didn't think Dago had a good game either considering he's no lock for the second line, or even the third ftm (not a bad one either, I'm just expecting him to be bringing it hardcore this late in pre-season cuz I WANT him to make the team).

Jaro was great too. I am so still not used to seeing Sanford on the bench. Of all the new people, it weirds me out everytime I see him (maybe cuz he's doing nothing). I realize he will not be there once the season starts (touchwood the other two will be healthy).

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