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11-17-2004, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Broadway Crosby
I think Eli will do better than expected, and we (The Giants) will make the playoffs. Remember that I am a homer, though. He will feel no pressure, and it will seem that he doesn't even know that he is a rookie, is in the NFL, and is in NY. He is so freaking calm, it's unbelieveable. I've met him before, and he acts very care-free. He is also a very nice guy. I don't blame him for not going to SD, they never seem to handle their players well. Every one of their first round picks since Ryan Leaf has not been to training camp on time, and that is about 6 players, so it can't be the players, it has to be the organization. He is an extremely nice guy, and it is unfair to him that he is viewed otherwise.
If the line doesn't hold i'm sure he'll act real 'nice' & calm

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