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11-18-2004, 02:37 AM
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I don't think that McPhee pulls the trigger on this one. He's a WHL guy through and through.

Suts has contributed a lot for the AHL team from what I've read, and from watching the prospect camp. He led a few drills and really is taking a leadership role (from what some have said). The injury bug has hurt him quite a bit, but when healthy, he can be a solid character forward the Caps will need to build around.

He's the type of guy that is going to do the dirty work to get the job done, if he ever gets here. He'll work wonders on a young team that's going to need some leadership here shortly.

And although I do think Halpern will get some shot at being Captain, I really don't think it's his to take. This team right now is Kolzig's period. If a goalie could wear the C, he would. And Halpern is a character guy who loves the team, but... he's not as outspoken as I think you need to be. There needs to be someone who'll throw around some chairs and make some noise if there's a problem.

Halpern kinda sat through some of the Dr. Jagr garbage.

I don't think Sutherby will be that type of quiet let his play do the talking kinda guy. Because he doesn't seem to take crap from people. Hey, he's also gotten a few KO's here and there fight wise... so he's definitely not afraid of that. Even if he isn't the best fighter.

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