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11-18-2004, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by bling
I am really looking forward to the time when semi-literate's, like you, no longer consider themselves hockey fans and leave these boards. If this lockout accomplishes nothing more than a weeding out of the disloyal bandwagonners it wil have all been worth it. Afterall anyone who is so venomous and full of hatred for the players could never in good concience continue to be a hockey fan after such a vile diatribe against them.
I did not realize Mr. Smith, my grade 7 English teacher was still watching over me. Seriously, you must have more to add to this thread topic than to critique my grammar and spelling. Perhaps, I spent too much time trying to become a hockey player when I should have been spending my time learning how to spell. You see, I would play this great game for peanuts compared to what today's spoiled players get. Personally, I think the salary cap should be 15 million with the top player on each team getting no more than 1 million and ticket prices rolled back to the AHL level, but that's me. Feel free to correct my grammar and spelling since that seems to be so important to you.

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