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11-18-2004, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by HF2002
(no offence intended here....)

So what? No one's listening to them and it won't change anything for the fans who can't watch hockey anyway.

I really think that both sides are misjudging the Canadian fan base, and they're in for a big surprise.

How do you sell the game when the average fan looks at the overall situation and realizes that:

- ticket prices aren't going to come down, regardless of the outcome of the negotiations

- the league and the players have forgotten that they're in this together, not against each other

- it's billionaires fighting millionaires over how to divide our money

- there's no lucrative tv deal that might help stabilize the league a little more in some markets

- it's a snoozefest on the ice

In this thread the PR war is being discussed, and currently the owners are winning that battle. IMO that's mainly just in canada, I don't thin kthat US fans have accurately been polled.

It also makes very good sense that the owner would win the PR battle when talking about Canadian fans, since only 1 of 6 Canadian teams would be considered a big-money team.

I agree with all your above points (except the snoozefest on ice comment), but they don't really relate to the ongoing PR battle.

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