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Originally Posted by cody275 View Post
Well I try and keep two things in shape. Due to injuries though I have had a hard time keeping in shape though.

1) Lower Body: it helps when moving side to side, and kicking off the posts if needed.

2) Overall Conditioning: It helps if you are able to play the same physically at the beginning and end of the game. If you aren't in the beset shape (like me currently) as the game progresses you start to move a little slower, depending on the flow of the game. If it is a fast pace game it can become noticeable for people that are in bad shape. The better shape you are in though, the more likely you are to be able to play at the same skill and pace as when the game started.

This is when my question came in. I was wondering what the fastest way to get in shape again was. I can't remember when the new season starts, but it is around the end of winter. I was hoping to be able to get into better shape then I was before my injuries before the next season. That way hopefully I will be able to play even better then before. I want my team to be able to rely on me whenever they need to.

Hope that helps to explain the situation a little bit more.
I get what you're asking but don't have the answer. If you're still unsure about a training regimen you should edit the thread title to "Diet/Workout Plan for Goalies". There are some smart goaltenders on this board and the new title should draw their attention.

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