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09-19-2003, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Bruwinz20
I am thoroughly confused as to why you think Ted Donato is going to make this team and guys like Stock and Grosek will be scratches. Is it me, or is Ted Donato 3 years removed from having any redeeming qualities as an NHL player.
I am a "lack of center depth" crazy Bruins fan...that's about the only way I could explain it....

I think the Bruins are sooo weak with veteran centers Sully will decide he likes having a veteran like Donato on the 4th line to help with faceoffs and playing in his own end.
I also don't view Stock as a valuable center even on the 4th line...I like his toughness and him being in the lineup but to call him a value to the coach as a center is not that high...I see him able to play there ok eough but I would use him on the LW more so...if we had other options down the middle.
I also hate...HATE...the fact anyone would play Grosek at center...
I do think Grosek could add limited value to a weaker line as a guy who will get into the mix and play tough on the boards and around the net.
I think a line of Samsonov/Zinovjev/Grosek could be effective on paper...but choose Lapointe over him at this point on the Rightside.

I just always saw Donato as a good little 3rd line center back when he was with the Bruins...we seemed to try to make him into a top 2 line LW'er...but at the time that is what we needed...he played that role ok...but in the playoffs one year (long ago) against Montreal he played a chippy style which kinda sold me that he has the desire to compete to's just always come down to the fact teams looks for goals from him for some reason....I think If you place him at center and not ask him to score too often and play solid "D" and work on faceoffs and just support the club he can still be effective...IMO.

If the Bruins had any veteran depth at center then no way I see them using him much but the fact they do not I had a feeling he just might be right for a good season back here...maybe I'm wrong but until I see the likes of Grosek, Stock, Hilbert, Zamuner and still Zinovjev do anything effective at center I have him as a safty net at 4th line center...good....not really but it's my this point.

BTW...I have not seen any of camp and the games has Sully been using Donato at center...?????

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