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09-28-2009, 12:11 PM
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Well for only 3 days it seems pretty legit to me. At that age(assume just beginning) learning skating fundamentals is key.

Being able to shoot is useless if you can't get to the puck, turn sharp, skate fast, shoot from different positions due to balance, list goes on. Learning how to handle a puck and shoot will be SOOOO much easier once your child feels comfortable just being able to skate, cause he wont be worried about making sure he is doing two things correctly at once in his head.

Hopefully skating becomes more second nature to him at some point in the near future then he can truely focus on shooting/stick handling. I wouldn't be too worried, seems like the right thing to do for the situation.

Also, I voted for "Depends on the coach" just beacuse you probably wont see this in more advanced levels of coaching seeing how as the basics of skating might be expected to be known at that point.

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