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09-28-2009, 02:56 PM
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While i am disapointed by what happend to Ambuhl and Steiner (they both were ejected from the NHL team ... i still have not understanding if Steiner will be playing with the crunchs or not ...answer in some days )

The broad picture is still impressive.

10 years ago ... only Aebisher would be in NHL or not even that ... Risen and Von arx would have had some games in preseason.
5 yrs ago we would have 2 goalies NHL, 2 AHL players, 1 sweden ... and that is it.

today We have 2 field players (i consider Sbisa or Weber as making the team + Streit) in NHL (1 star among them Streit), 1 goalie that is doing well as NHL player, then we have some AHL players ... around 4 or 5, 2or 3 in inferior NA leagues, 2 field players in Sweden (Modo & ... the ex-champion Faerjestadt), 1 goalie in Germany, 1 goalie in ... the KHL, we also have 1 playing in Italy.

During the year, i am convinced that some AHL'ers will have a shot at the NHL, and if Ambuhl can reinforce his body weight/substance ... he'll be a regular NHL player next year with no doubt.

Looks like the broad image is getting brighter and brighter (breiter und breiter)for swiss hockey.

Strategically, we had explorers 10 years ago, now sections of mercenaries ... let's picture legions for the coming 10 years.

And finally the swiss hockey team will have made the leap in the top hockey countries.

The future is bright, the future is red and white.

PS: Ambuhl will be with the Hartford Wolf packs who obivously proceeded to their last cut. Steiner has not been signed at this point by the Syracuse Crunch but scored a goal in a 3-2 shutout loss vs Senator's B team Binghampton.

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