Thread: Larry Brooks: Girardi's been Blueshirt bust
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09-28-2009, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Redden may look better this year but he's not capable of playing to the level he's being paid for. By his own admission--he wants to forget about last season (it's been on the telecasts)--just going back one year--26 pts. from a $6.5 mil player who admits he played like crap--and whether he got better at the end or not (or by how much) there's no disputing that he **** the bed a good part of the year. He's showing much better signs for this year but is there anybody out there who thinks for the money he's making that he should be getting at least 45 pts? and thinks he's capable of doing it?--which is why Gilroy and MDZ more than someone like Sauer is still in the mix. The kind of same argument can be used to lesser extent against Rozsival. If we're really looking at the defense those two are the guys who are really hurting us--because their stats and their play on the ice don't add up to what they're making--no way and no how.

I think it's a valid argument that Girardi is best suited as a 5-6 stay at home guy and that he's somewhat misplaced as a top 4--however at that 5-6 he is a real one capable of being a very good NHL'er. His pricetag does not hurt the team.
If Redden can continue to play the way he has played the las 4 or so preseason games I honestly believe he may be able to put up 35 points. It also depends on how the PP does this season as I could foresee him getting anywhere from 10-20 PP points alone if the PP is much better than last season.

I went on record pretty much all season that Redden looked out of place on such a defensively-oriented team. Renney all summer was clamoring about how the team would be much more up-tempo and score more goals which fits Redden much better than a defensively oriented team(which I would imagine is part of the reason Redden signed in NY). I honestly believe Torts style that he wants to play will allow him to be more comfortable and play much better than last season.

Now, do I think he will ever be a 6.5 million dollar player? Highly unlikely, but if he could be solid defensively and put up 35+ points playing 20+ minutes on average per game, I would take that considering he brings some experience and leadership to a very young defense.

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