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11-19-2004, 10:44 AM
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it won't be THAT easy for the NHL to institute a replacement player league next year. part of that would be being capable of proving that through negotiations of good faith they reached an impasse. whether or not you believe the league is right, they HAVE NOT been negotiating in good faith with the players.

i'm supportive of what ownership is trying to accomplish, but what they've offered is basically the same thing worded differently and said, "take it or leave it." that isn't negotiating in good-faith by any stretch of the imagination. if they attempt to bring in replacement players the NHLPA will almost definitely attempt to stop it in court, and there is a good chance they would be succesfull.

i'm still hopeful for this year regardless. high stakes poker is being played at the moment, which is the natural course of things. there is simply too much money, 1.2 billion, at stake for the players for them not to play this season. if goodenow is too stubborn to at least attempt to work with the league on the concept of a cap(the league should be willing to discuss a tax of some sort as well) he is doing a great disservice to the people he represents, since that is cash they will never get a chance to earn again.

maybe he realizes that, maybe he doesn't, but 1.2 billion is a lot of money to simply not recieve while arguing with your employers.

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