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09-28-2009, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by BriscomikCammagiomez View Post
...but a more serious one. Lajoie just said that it's basically a sure thing to assume SK demanded a trade, is there any sort of confirmation or just the usual BS?
Not what Lajoie said....he said that RUMORS has it that he asked for a trade. And where does Lajoie takes his rumors? Same place we do...The Klown, The Klun, the other Cloun, all these other bunches of clowns with more insiders than there are Habs employees...Thing is, even I could have started a rumor like that. We know or think we know how SKost took his last demotion last year, we know or think we know his character, we then start to beleive that he's asked for a trade.

And even if we were wrong about it? What would be the problem? There are guys out there that are wrong 9,9/10 times and there are still people believing in them...


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