Thread: Larry Brooks: Girardi's been Blueshirt bust
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09-29-2009, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
Exactly, and Girardi has probably played just as badly as Rozsival in the preseason, yet no one is making derogatory nicknames about him or posting "Girardi sucks" on every page.
If "Girardi sucks" sounded as appropriate as "Blowsival", people would probably use it more. But it doesn't.

Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
Also, I hate how it's become unacceptable to criticize someone for their poor play if they have a reasonable contract. "Oh, look Girardi has a cap hit of $1.6 million... awesome, he doesn't get paid a lot so he can suck all he wants!"
Where did I imply it was unacceptable to criticize a player with a reasonable contract? As far as I'm concerned, everyone's allowed to be criticized to a certain degree, regardless of their salary.

At the same time though, salary does play a big role. Expectations. Girardi is being paid the equivalent of what now? A bottom pairing d-men? But he's being played in more of a top-4 role, based on his TOI during his tenure here, especially last season. Some of the mistakes he made, were mistakes that most average Dmen in the league would have committed.

Rozsival signed a lucrative, long-term contract which many felt, were top-pairing numbers. Has he performed up to that level? Absolutely not. I personally like Rozsival's game A LOT more than Wade's, and would much prefer him out of the two, regardless of $$$. But he's another overpaid, under-performing player in the NHL. Most teams though have one or two of them, so it's tolerable to a certain extent.

Not in our situation though. Not when there's already two other, much heavier pieces of steaming pile of horse-shi* contracts overshadowing Rozsivals.

Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
But if Redden has a decent preseason, it's still "who cares, he's not worth $6.5 million! BOOOOOO!" No matter how well he or Rozy plays, they will always be scapegoats to some.
Wade Reddens decent game, is judged by how many mistakes he doesn't make, because he's really not capable of anything else, considering his offensive skills are comparable to Jed Ortymeyers.

Even if he plays a mistake-free game though, he's the cherry-on-top, mother of all BAD CONTRACTS that exists in this league. I don't boo him, and don't praise the buffoons that do so. But higher profile players who ultimately fall well short of their expectations, should receive the blunt of criticism, every time Uncle Larry decides to show us he thinks he has an understanding of what's really going on with this team, and players.

Calling Girardi a Bust, shows people with half a brain all they need to know about the writer. If anyone's a bust, it's: Sather, Drury, Redden, Rozsival- In that order too.

Start with those four, then work your way down. Not the other way around.

Brooksy's failed articles always hit the wrong nerve. He should just stop writing about the Rangers. He seems to snag a few dumb-dumb's along the way though, so maybe I'm the one who should be considering a change in occupation. If Larry can write hockey and have people listen, maybe I should start putting my two cents about, uh, Politics? And Rugby. Yea.. Two things I have no clear understanding of.

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