Thread: Larry Brooks: Girardi's been Blueshirt bust
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09-29-2009, 02:29 AM
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Originally Posted by theMessiah1194 View Post
okay, I haven't watched a clip of the preseason, I really haven't payed much attention to this offseason, and frankly, for the record, for the season starting in a couple of days, I couldn't be less interested, annnyyyway.

Girardi must go???????? ahahahahaha

OUR D SUCKS!!, who we got, Staal, who else? two overpayed bums and two rookies, and then Griardi, a young, cheap, effective D man, not flashy, but for the most part gets the job down. Girardi must go?? FOR WHO???? who the hell else??? maybe If our D looked like phillys or torontos, but it doesn't. Girardi is a solid NHLer.

and its the preseason?? who gives a flyin...
Girardi has had a rocky preseason.

He's gained some weight this off-season. He wanted to bulk up, and become stronger so he's more effective in clearing the crease, or matching up against bigger, stronger players.

Truthfully, he's made some bad plays. But imo, that's expected from players like Girardi. Yes, 3rd and 4th liners don't have the traits, and skills that top-6 players possess. They are prone to making mistakes more often. Same is true with defensemen.

Danny G is being played in a role that requires someone better than him to fill. That's why he's being criticized. He's not a 20minute a night, shutdown dmen who can move the puck.

He is what he is. Take it or leave it.

Personally, I'll take it. There are other, much more obvious problems this team needs to remedy, before Danny ******* Girardi.

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