Thread: Larry Brooks: Girardi's been Blueshirt bust
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09-29-2009, 06:58 AM
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I don't think that Brooks meant "bust" as in "he's a bust of a NHL player". He meant "bust" in that the Rangers were expecting a lot more out of Girardi in training camp and preseason and he played like crap. His preseason has been a bust.

Girardi's problem is that he has never again played as well as he did in his first season (34 games or so) in the NHL. He's never really taken a step forward. Every time you think he has, he disabuses you of that notion a few games later.

It's ridiculous now how people are saying "oh don't be meant to Girardi when he's really just a 3rd pairing defenseman who shouldn't be getting all those minutes!" when a year or two ago people were talking him up to be a 1st pairing defenseman.

Oh I can't prove you all specifically were talking him up last year or the year before, but it's more than suspicious that the general sentiment around Girardi has dropped from such lofty heights down to being OK with him only being a 6th defenseman, yet still managing to defend him like he's a lynchpin in this teams defense.

Girardi needs to step the **** up this year and stop ****ing around, or he's not getting re-signed next year. The Rangers have better uses of money than to give Girardi a raise next year

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