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I lost my front tooth about a year ago and the whole dentist ordeal sucked. What happened to me was I didn't lose the entire tooth, just most of it, and it cracked right on the nerve, so it was exposed. So, I had to go to an endodontic specialist to perform a root canal. From there, I got a crown or whatever you call it, which was like a really rough, crappy fake tooth, and then finally I got fitted for a porcelain permanent tooth after the removed almost all of the rest of the tooth. But, in the meantime, since it happened right before Halloween, I just told the dentist not to fix it for a while, so I had a genuine Ozarks man costume, equip with coon-skin hat.
There are perks
I thought about just leaving it, but as someone who was going to graduate college and looking for jobs in international organizations and governmental posts, it wouldn't have been a great tactic on my part to leave this gaping hole in the front of my mouth.
I think the Endodontic Specialist cost like $400 and the dentist cost like...$1000? I don't remember though, I had to go like 9 times for all the work, and I ended up getting most of it covered from worker's comp since I was actually the instructor at the rink when it happened haha.

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