Thread: News Article: ESPN Power Rankings... Flyers at #3
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09-29-2009, 11:27 AM
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Before I begin, I will note that I think putting the Devs that far down is a bit silly. However, I will not be shocked in the slightest if the Devs miss the playoffs this year. They've been living on smoke-and-mirrors as far as talent the last few years, and eventually that catches up with you. That being said, they will be well coached and should have solid goaltending. You'll have to be ready to play when you face them.

Originally Posted by Ronnie Bass View Post
Can't let this pass without comment:

1) Brodeur has played NOTHING like his age this preseason, expect another typical Marty season.
Yes, because the preseason when everyone is fresh is when you expect to see age showing. While I think Marty will be good this year, how he has played in the preseason is in no way indicative of whether his age is going to catch up with him in an 82 game schedule.

2) Elias should miss no more than ten games, that's it.
Yeah, that's what we thought with Briere. Veteran players do have an excellent track record of quick groin recoveries. Not to mention, 10 games is 10% of the season, I think that constitutes a "while." If I was a Devs fan looking at the Elias situation, I would be rather alarmed given the general lack of scoring depth.

3) Holik and Rupp barely brought anything to the table last year, if anything they slowed us down on the ice.
Injuries and whatnot marginalized the role Holik could play considerably since he left the Devs the first time around, but he remained a rather good situational player. A guy drawing 60% on FOs is a HUGE weapon to be able to put in there on a "must win" draw.

What's shocking is the poster didn't mention the loss of Madden.

That being said the Flyers scare the beejeepers out of me this season and are my pick to come out of the Eastern Conference.
On paper...sure. Until our team displays the ability to play as a team, I can't see us having consistent success against good teams.

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