Thread: Larry Brooks: Girardi's been Blueshirt bust
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09-29-2009, 02:27 PM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
I really dont understand what your problem is. I mean, knee-jerk reactions are a consistent problem around here, but you're different. You pick people to hate, and people to love, and you just dont stray from it no matter what.

It doesnt matter that Michal Rozsival has played 20+ minutes a night in the NHL for 4+ seasons now on 4 playoff teams. Nope, he sucks.

It doesnt matter to you that Enver Lisin hasnt scored at any level of hockey and couldnt crack the lineup for half the season on one of the worst teams in the league....nope, he belongs on the top line with Gaborik.

And the fact you constantly target Roszival without a peep about Redden makes it all the more strange.
i dont hate anyone brb. really.

i do not like rozys game. he makes us weaker. period. he plays soft. he plays slow. he plays passive and he makes bad passes. he needs to go away. whats not to understand ? let me know when he gets close to earning his paycheck. havent seen that yet and didnt see it most of last year.

im not the only one who think rozy is awful at any price. you make it seem like you and i watch different rozys. sorry that im consistent but hes bad. real bad.

as for redden, hes been pretty solid so far. he hasnt stood out but he hasnt made the mistake that rozy has. redden actually looks pretty good. his contract still suks but atleast he isnt stealing money every night.

lastly, i watched the entire game sunday on the dvr. and i watched closely. enver lisin had great jump to start that game. he had the 1st 4 shots on net in the 1st period for us. he had a couple good scoring chances, he made some nice tape to tape passes, setting up his linemates for some good scoring chances and his wall work was solid. he did whiff on that pass to the point and the puck ended up in hanks net. otherwise, he played good.

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