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09-29-2009, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Dash22 View Post
I stand by my statement. I don't care if it's the Devils, If Marty moved to any team in the league, I would still rank that team no lower than 16th, regardless of system or players in place.
I agree he is a top notch goalie, like I said, I would take him over all but maybe 3 or 4goalies at his age now! But I think goalies are overrated in hockey. Look at Marc Andre Fleury - is he the reason the Pens won the Cup last year? I think you could take 10-15 other goalies and put them on that team last year and they'd win. Likewise with Osgood. You could replace him with 10 other goalies and they'd have won in 2007.

Even Ken Holland himself says he won't spend much on a goalie because it is more important to have players in front of him. How many of the last 10 Flyers' playoff series were lost by a goalie? Yet every year, all the talk is how the Flyers need a goalie to win them the Cup. I believe firmly that you don't need a goalie to win you the Cup as much as you need a goalie to prevent you from losing. How many of the Devils' playoff series were won by Brodeur? Now, don't get me wring, he is a vital part of that team. But he is not the sole reason thy won Cups. If you had removed Stevens from those teams or Niedermayer, they would not have won.

Now, I would take Brodeur over every Flyer goalie since Parent. But he would not have caused the Flyers to win the Cup in any of the past 10 years.

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