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09-29-2009, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by TeamTurris View Post
Mill Street is more of a College Experience
Old Town Scottsdale is more of an "adult" experience.
That's true and it's not at the same time. There are grown up spots on Mill, too. Scottsdale is snootier, that's for sure. Even that's not really true. There are chill spots in Old Town, too. They are both bar districts. Most bar districts can kind of cater to all. Mill is more laid back, though. Even if you feel way too old to be there. Scottsdale is just so cheesy. I mean, if you don't know where you are going and are just kind of checking stuff out. Myst, PCL, Axis/Radius(whatever). Of course these aren't the only types of places in Old Town, but if you're just visiting, poking around, you could get the wrong idea. Sinurgy needs to re-post his bar review for Mr. Justice. I agreed with most of it, and I think most of the people I know would agree with most of it. Let's keep this nice midwesterner far away from the steroid muscles, fake boobs, silk shirts, bleached hair, rubber cemented spiked headed, yuppie scum in Scottsdale, and equally far away from the shaggy co-eds that rolled to the bar on their skateboards, fake IDs in hand, ready to throw up in the bar after two cocktails. Let's get him somewhere we're confident he won't get punched, and can be relatively sure the girl he's making out with is actually of age.

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