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Originally Posted by CrazyEddie20 View Post
Half the teams in the Central Hockey League fell below the 4,000 average attendance Mendoza line last season. Of those, only Rocky Mountain closed up shop, but one has to wonder how much time the others have left...

Personally, I think this league is in DEEP trouble. Bossier-Shreveport nearly folded this past offseason. Travel costs are through the roof and salaries are escalating with the PHPA coming in. They lost Oklahoma City. Five remaining teams had attendance below 3,000 last season, and rumors have swirled about the continued success of Laredo. Arizona just hired a new GM who has a horrible track record.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in this league in the offseason.
Actually, Eddie, the attendance "Mendoza line" for the mid-minors is TWO thousand, not FOUR thousand. That's the level below which it seems to take extraordinary intervention to save a team from death within two seasons, once it slips under.

Now, four thousand might be a more average "technical profitability" line, but again, cost and revenue factors vary so dramaticly from market to market that you can't designate a single "break-even" number that applies to any more than one specific team -- and even then, the makeup of that average crowd will vary the revenue/costs, etc.

Salaries are escalating with the PHPA? I'd be very interested to see your proof of this. Isn't the salary cap for the league the exact same this year as it was last year, which is very much in line with the salcap from the pre-PHPA era?

Now I agree that it will be interesting to see how things progress in the league, and that there are several troubled franchises. However, I can't get behind your belief that the league is "in DEEP trouble".

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