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09-29-2009, 08:41 PM
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Great food in the area there, by far the best sushi I've had in the state. Also a place downtown that makes great pizza that has something like 60 beers on tap. I'm trying to remember the name but the beer list was impressive if you're into that. Cost of living isn't too bad, probably a bit less then here in the Triangle although IIRC wages aren't as high either. Scenic place to live to be sure, and there's some skiing in the area... even though it's rather mediocre skiing.

as for the cons, there's not much of a nightlife in the town from what I remember my one semester there. Not a lot of sports either, with the Asheville Aces of the SPHL being the only local team I can think of. Charlotte has the ECHL. As you mentioned, politics. Although there's a fairly significant conservative community there too, they tended to be a tad too right wing for my tastes. Old school Republicans and a large hippie community made for an interesting mix at election time to say the least.

If a local sports team and a big time bar scene isn't a big thing for you then it's a great place to live IMO.

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