Thread: Injury Report: Ruff updates injuries and roster
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09-29-2009, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by LoveDaSlug View Post
I think it was more Ruff wanting to get another good look at Kennedy/Gerbe before having to make the final decision tomorrow than anything Connolly did. The TBN did say specifically it was the centers who were taking turns (i.e. Roy and Connolly). If anything, the fact that Connolly started on the wing and only later did Gerbe get put on the line, while Kennedy was there the whole time, I think suggests how much they like Kennedy.
Its actually pretty confusing (for me anyway) what they did with the first line

If they started lined up as


It would be more than the centers taking turns if Gerbe was added to the mix

The centers taking turns would be a line of Vanek/Roy/Gerbe with Connolly being added in for Roy.

Which is how I read the WGR blurb about it. (I also read TBN before my post)

But either way your assessment seems pretty spot on and my bored speculation wont matter after 3pm tomorrow.

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