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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Well clearly, your knowledge of those players stayed with how they've looked as London players. 'Cause if you would've followed their progression in higher levels, you would have seen that having a bad work ethic was said about those 2 guys since they've reached those pro levels. You know, it does happen sometimes that players that have it real too easy in lower levels, believe it would be that easy in higher levels. And if "slipping into bad habits" is the term that you've found so we wouldn't use having a bad work ethic, so be it. If it makes you feel better. But it's not because you have your own reality that it's actually true. I'm basing my comments on what we heard and read since both guys reached the Pro levels. You don't want to see it, that's your problem. Seems to me I'm not the one who's misinformed.....

Just for fun, google Schremp and work ethic and have fun....But I guess they are all wrong.

By the way, you've asked the question before if the poster had seen him's that relevant to a work ethic? The guy was so gifted that he didn't need a great work ethic to make it happen. I can name a whole lot of Q players that I've seen, that I knew personally, that was known to people I knew, who dominated the league without trying. Anyway, again, I didn't know Schremp personnally. If we would all wait to know NHL guys personally to talk about them, we'd close this board. But coming from a whole lot of different sources, seems to me that work ethic cannot be put in the strengths column. By the way, I didn't call him a murderer....seems that you are taking this a little too personal....

Also, note that I said that he wouldn't be Martin type of guy. I already mentioned in other threads a few months ago that I wouldn't be against trying to get him to give a new push to his career. Often our guys leaves the team and does better elsewhere. Schremp could have been a candidate to do that as well.
Murderer? not too overly dramatic are we?

I'm telling you. You can level criticisms at either player that might stick, but your "work ethic" generalization is simply that. Especially when you tacitly suggest it is something that has been there a long time. So it isn't anything "personal". I'm just calling BS on what is just broad strokes criticism based upon pretty shallow knowledge

You want to say SK needs to be more mature and disciplined? No arguments here. But work ethic? Sorry, no sale. For crying out loud how does a guy with "work ethic" issues get a routine PK spot. Think about it. Bit of a contradiction.

As for Schremp or any other player. How can you possibly make real criticism about somebody's work ethic without seeing them play. Of course it is relevant if you are going to give YOUR opinion on a player. Otherwise you are making assumptions. You haven't even said what "a whole lot of sources" are.

The funny thing is that I do not think Schremp would be a good fit for montreal. But work ethic has absolutely nothing to do with it. If we are going to knock guys why not be fair about it is all I am saying

He worked hard this summer getting ready for camp. Played a week long tournament with Knights alims against 3 European team. The kid was fit and played hard

Quinn had this to say after he was cut:

Pat Quinn said it was real numbers game that resulted in Schremp's departure.

"It's a matter of numbers in a lot of ways. We have a number of guys that have very similar sorts of looks. They're very highly skilled, they play a lot of the game on the outside," he said, noting that Schremp did impress.

"His attitude's terrific. He came here with the thoughts he was going to earn a job," Quinn stated. "He showed us everything he has on that skill-level side and is a highly-skilled kid."

The Oilers bench boss went on to say that the team needed more physical-type players with size to round out a talented lineup.

"We're going to have a Jacques in the lineup, we're going to have a Stone probably in the lineup," Quinn continued. "You have to have a blend, a mix. That's those complementary skillsets that make good teams. You can't have 22 Rob Schremps."

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