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Originally Posted by ArizonaPride View Post
Dumb question on my part! I thought I ask since as they say, if Wayne Gretzky could be traded why not those 3?
There's only one reason why Gretzky was traded while still in his prime years - Oilers owner needed money badly. Forget the 3 1st round picks and the Kings players - the deal started with those $15 M cash.

That was $ 15 M in '88. Adjust that for inflation, we're talking about $ 27 M in today's dollars. Cash. Not including Gretzky's actual salary. Even if for whatever reason the Pens or Caps became financially desperate, the current cap system would make this trade impossible today, period.

One of the 3 you mentioned may get traded some day, but that'll be after their prime years. A Rangers-type UFA acquisition. They'll still be very valuable, but not close to the numbers they'll be putting up over the next 10 years.

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