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Originally Posted by Led Zappa View Post
Who did people talk to. I just called and they would only give us a $50.00 discount. We already had the package and I talked to the first customer service rep who could give me a $10 a month discount and I asked to talk to someone else and he sent me to the premium channel dept and they could only give me $50. He said that was the only option on his screen. Maybe cause we already had it?
I spoke to someone in "retention". Have you had CI in the past and how long have you been with Dtv? Maybe that had somehting to do with it.

Here is what I did:

1. Hit a bunch of zero's just to get to a CS Person.
2. Spoke to the CS person voicing my dis-pleasure (in a friendly way)
3. The CS Person said to go on-;line and submit it that way. I said, I have already done that and that I would rather speak to someone in retention.
4. Spoke to the person in retention and told her I am bummed because I can't watch my team from the comfort of my couch on opening night.
5. Then I also said I am more concerned about the play offs and how VS. carries all fo the play off games.
6. She stopped me there and said "We want to keep you so what if I gave you CI for free".
7. I "acted surprised" and said wow - that would be most excellent.

The whole time I was very friendly and never asked for anything for free. I was prepared to start whining more and say I was thinking about going to a different provider if they were only going to give me a discount.

I got it for free which I am pretty happy about

Honestly I am just glad I was able to talk to someone who can voice my dis-pleasure directly to management. The free CI is a SWEET BONUS!!!!!

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