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09-30-2009, 12:51 PM
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My story:

When the recording asked you to say what you wanted, I said "retention." It got me to someone right away (well, after a period of waiting) and I said that we were big hockey fans and were disappointed to learn that DirecTV is not carrying Versus anymore, so I was thinking of canceling and going to Dish Network. It turns out that my name wasn't on the account (of course, since it's my mom's name) and he said that I was going to have the account holder call in for cancellation (he didn't mention the discount).

After some hesitation, I mentioned that a "family friend" got a discount on NHL Center Ice. The guy asked how much and I said that the friend got it for free. Then he said that he'd see what he could do... some minutes of talking and waiting later and we got the package, with a credit applied to cover the full charge. He did mention that we'd probably have to pay for it if we decided to cancel our service later on, but we haven't really planned on switching anyway, so... :-P

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