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09-19-2003, 01:48 PM
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cujo: holland put to the test

the wings picked a bad yr. to do this
confident they would find a suiter for cujo, there are only a few teams left potentially to deal with (nyr,stl,col ?) and none seem anxious to help holland out.

what's more the team is in need of a good scoring center.

would the rangers deal lindros?
at this time of yr, unlikely.
if they were going for it with cujo, they'd need lindros as well.

why would the wings help out the avs or blues?
they wont take 50 percent of his contract anyway, that's still alot.

it seems more likely cujo will start the yr as a wing, and will hope to catch a break when a teams #1 goalie gets hurt- maybe their own

but there are other goalies out there to get, like burke.

the only team that would likely be willing
enough to get cujo would be the rangers, but they would offer one of their infamous trash packages.
not lindros, not carter.
but more likely something along the lines of simon, lacouture, petrovicky and a 5th rounder.

holland would have to take it and run at this point.

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