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09-30-2009, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Devs View Post
Don't be an idiot and don't make the same mistake I made. Unless you are getting paid to play and are covered under some sort of insurance, wear the damn cage. I lost my chiclets to a pissed off defenseman in a free agent camp where I was not covered. Didn't have dental insurance either, either in the contract or under my own plan. Cost me more than I would like to remember.

I imagine you're college aged at this point. The effect of losing your tooth is cool for the first week or so as your buddies tell you how awesome/stupid you look, while the girls fawn over you for getting hurt. After that honeymoon though, it isn't as much fun, ESPECIALLY for job interviews after hockey, etc.

Is it cool to have your tooth knocked out? In the hockey culture, of course it is, and it does bring about it a badge of honor. But really, who are you trying to impress? If you're actually good enough to go to Europe, I hope you know how to keep your head up at this point. Any one you're trying to impress will be much more awestruck by a nifty pass or a snipe to the corner than whether or not you're wearing a cage.

Be smart, wear the cage, and best of luck.

Yeah I guess I'll keep the visor, for another year at least. Although I play at the best amateur level in Switzerland, I think I should stick with the cage a little longer considering I play against fully grown men.

Insurance isn't a problem (here in switzerland) but it would suck to lose some chiclets and or have chipped teeth after all I had to go through to get straight teeth. They cost $8000+ so my mom would be pissed off.


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