Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Cam Ward Signs 6 Year Extension
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09-30-2009, 03:01 PM
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the issue is, all teams need a no 1 goalie. the price for a number one goalie long term is approx 5-7 these days right? if you want cheaper, you have to give one of these 10+ years contracts that everyone finds even more ludicrous than these contracts, for good reason. if rick dipietro had signed for six years instead of the rest of his life, it wouldve been for 6 million. its fair to say cam is in the same range as miller, and this is the deal miller got. there is no argument against this. whether you like one guy more than the other is irrevelant. ward has one a conn smythe and led an overacheiving team to the conference finals, asterisk it all you want but no agent will give you an inch when cam has put up the goods.

fluerys deal is better than cams? ok, so if the canes wont give it to cam what do they do? cam wont sign for less so they have to get rid of him and get a no 1 goalie long term for how much? who's available? is it better to let cam go and trade for huet or someone in that range? isnt it better just to keep the guy you raised yourself and who has fulfilled expectations? i dont see how people look at the big picture and think this is "too much". this is the going rate for tying up a guy for 6 years, when he is 25 and just hitting his prime in an already accolade filled career. some guys go whole careers without doing what cam has done, how can anyone say he has to prove more to get paid? if this is too much, whats the solution? dont say give him less money cuz he was getting this much from somebody.

rutherford paid more for both staal and ward, but he didnt cave in to the ridiculous 10 year contracts. the price to be paid for NOT signing one of those deals was to give more cash per year. the canes have their two top players tied up long term during their prime - and at similar prices to what everyone else pays for theirs. will it work? who knows, but the canes have nothing remotely close for replacements for either guy if they chose to "walk away" from paying such prices. no gm would let these guys go.

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