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09-30-2009, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Kencaid View Post
1 - the eagles suck (your avatar, is it an album cover?)

2 - I actually agree with your point to a certain extent. Leaf fans over rate their players, i agree, however it should be evident that once someone puts on a leaf jersey on these boards their trade value declines. White put up 26pts last year, can move the puck and had a +/- of +7, which is a big deal when playing for the worst defensive team in the NHL. Burke was offered a 2nd rounder, and he declined, so I am thinking his trade value is greater then a 2nd rounder. Kuli was a beast over in russia, even after Malkin left, and had a good rookie year in the NHL. Personally as a leaf fan I would do this deal, but its not in the best interest of either team. Kuli is still a good young player while horton could get a far higher return.
First off. The Eagles suck you say.
The Eagles were,are great. Next.
I'm quite sure you would do this deal.Two scrubs for Horton.
Well not really scrubs but One is a serviceable 5th paring d-man while the other may have been in your top 6th but wouldn't crack most other teams top 6.

He's a troll i tell you.

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