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11-20-2004, 11:23 AM
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The real issue here is Bettman himself! It is his responsibility to grow the fan base and secure the major revenue sources ie tv or cable contracts, as well as run the league. It is his failure as NHL commisioner that has put this league in the financial crisis it currently is in. He forced expansion on a league, at a rate it was not prepared to justify. The talent pool has become weak, the game is a shadow of its former skilled and exciting self. He got away with looking good while the owners were receiving their expansion fees, but now that well has dried up, and he has no magic bullet to pull a kings ransom out of a hat and save the league. I'm not saying the players union and agents have no blame here, but basically this is the only way for Bettman to save his owne arse, and he doesn't give a shet about how he gets it done as long as he wins! He tried to run this this expansion like the NBA did it and clearly failed. The game will take a long time to recover from this massive blunder , the lockout is only magnifying the length of the recovery that will eventually take place. I am thoroughly disgusted with both ownership and the union, as there can be no negotiation and settlement if they aren't even meeting. They are all acting like spoiled children right now, and biting the hand that feeds them , us fans.

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